Some Side Effects Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

baby-sleepingIn years gone by everyone knew sleep deprivation was not good for you. However study after study has been done on this subject and the effects of this disease are much broader than first thought. Many health problems have come to light due to lack of sleep, and it not only affects your physical health, but also your mental health.

While most people suffer the odd bout of insomnia, or a few restless nights or even nights without any sleep, this is not considered sleep deprivation and does not have lasting health consequences. However chronic insomnia, or chronic restless sleep does have a wide variety of symptoms and does have a very real effect on every aspect of your health.

Considering that a person generally needs 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night, it is not surprising that without it your body cannot function as efficiently as it should. This can lead to depression and mood changes, also elevate your blood pressure and can slow down your metabolism, leading to unwanted weight gain.

While you may be aware of these effects of going without sleep, you may not know it can lead to heart disease and has been linked to cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer. There are many other links under study at this time,links to such things as increased inflammation throughout your body,this in turn can lead to a whole host of other diseases and complications.

Being sleep deprived also affect your immune system, increases your risk of diabetes, permanently damages your skin, reduces the effect of vaccines, increases the risk of strokes, destroys your bones and as if this isn’t enough it can also shorted your life expectancy. So as you can see lack of quality sleep is a very serious problem, therefore people suffering from this disease should seek professional help.

Fortunately, there are many options available. While the best treatment is of course getting more sleep another option is activity, getting more exercise can aid in getting a good nights sleep. Other things to keep in mind are noise levels, room temperature, and the darkness of the room.

Another thing to consider is medication, there are several different types to choose from, you and your doctor will decide which one best suits your needs and is the right medication for you. Hopefully with your doctors help you can find what works best for you and finally, get the good nights sleep you deserve and avoid the more serious effects of sleep deprivation.